Biomatik Corporation

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Cambridge, ON N1R 7B6
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Based in Canada, Biomatik Corporation specializes in biotech products and custom services, helps reduce research cost through innovation. In Biomatik, quality comes first. We believe in quality operations, since quality research results come from quality products and services.

Currently Biomatik offer custom gene synthesis and custom peptide synthesis to the global life science community at the most competitive prices. Visit and start to save for your daily projects today!

Biomat snc

via Zeni 8

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Biomat deals with surface tratements for diagnostic and biomedical applications.

Produces 96 well plates for immunoassay and research, both solid and strip format, with a wide range of surfaces: Medium and High binding capacity, No Binding, Aminated-Carboxylated Streptavidin-Protein A-Protein G-Concanavalin A-Jacalin-Wheat Germ-Maleimide, PolyL-Lysine coated- Cell Culture. These and other types of surfaces can be developed and applied also on customers articles. Also special microplates are available: 384 wells, glass bottom, cristallization plates both with standard and coated surfaces.

Makes Plasma-based (glow discharge) surface tratments on customers’ articles for enhancing surface properties such as hydrophilicity (cell adhesion/filter flow/painting/inking/glueing) Hydro phobicity (low wettability/low adhesion) etc. for biomedical and technical applications.

Biolytix AG

Benkenstrasse 254
CH-4108 Witterswil

Phone: ++41 61 725 20 70
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Biolytix, specialized in molecular and microbiological analyses, was founded in 1998 and is situated in Witterswil (Switzerland), 12 km south-west of Basel. The team and the scope of activities have been expanded continuously.

Biolytix offers a wide range of services, the major ambition being to fulfill our customer’s expectations through confidential and responsible cooperation. To achieve this objective, Biolytix relies on an experienced, highly skilled and motivated team.

expertise, customer orientation, fast and reliable services

More than 10 years of experience in biomolecular analyses and food diagnostics.

Professional consulting and customer oriented service.

Innovative and modern technology for a fast and efficient service.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows handling of a large number of samples in a short time frame (high throughput screening). A strong quality management system according to ISO/IEC 17025 was established in 2004 and a year later a very well adapted LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) was introduced.


– Affymetrix GeneChip® Analysis Services: Biolytix is the official service provider laboratory for Affymetrix Switzerland. RNA- & DNA- extraction, gene expression analysis (3’ Expression, Exon and Tiling Arrays on Affymetrix platform) as well as analysis of SNP mapping arrays.
– Gene Expression: Accurate and reproducible gene expression analyses, assay design and validation, evaluation of the most suitable housekeeping gene, data mining and interpretation of the study results.
– Genetic Monitoring: Transgene and zygosity determination as well as genotyping of animals.
– Contract Research: assay development, DNA/RNA-extractions, cell culturing, expression profiling, validation studies, statistics, quality control.
– PCR-Kits Distribution: Kits for the detection and identification of GMO, animal species microorganisms and transgenic mice.
– Health and environmental monitoring of laboratory animals: Microbiological, serological, and parasitological analysis, molecular diagnostics by up-to-date real-time PCR analyses, animal feed and water analyses.
– Microbiology: Identification and quantification of viruses, bacteria and fungi in food, feed, water, and on plastic as well as human diagnostics.
– Food Diagnostics: Allergen and mycotoxin detection by ELISA technique, bacteria, animal and plant species identification by real-time PCR, qualitative and quantitative detection of GMO (genetically modified organisms) by real-time PCR and microbiological testing.
– Consulting: You can benefit from our years of experience in real-time PCR and other areas.

BioLux Peptides and Antibodies

Brommerstr. 19
Stuttgart, 70563

Phone: +49/ 711 90 18 18 5
Fax: +49/ 711 90 18 18 7
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BioLux Peptides and Antibodies in Stuttgart, Germany provides its customers with synthesis of high quality peptides from 2-90 AA length. We offer immunization of rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken to produce anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies. If customer has tested polyclonal antibodies derived from rabbits as good for their purposes, we can extend this project towards the development of monoclonal antibodies.

BIOLOG Life Science Institute

Flughafendamm 9a, P.O. Box 107125
Bremen, D-28199

Phone: 49 (0)421 591355
Fax: 49 (0) 421 5979713
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BIOLOG offers rare and high quality nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleobases.
A special focus is on sophisticated cyclic nucleotide-based protein kinase inhibitors and activators for second messenger research and corresponding affinity gels as well as on phosphorothioate- modified nucleoside diphosphates and triphosphates. Custom syntheses are welcome in this field.

BioLinK 2000

Pol. Ind. “Les Guixeres” – Plaza del Vapor, nº 10B

Phone: +34 93 497 09 53 / +34 93 497
Fax: +34 93 497 40 24
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BIOLINK 2000 is a new company founded in 1998 producing top quality diagnostics kits.

BIOLINK 2000 offers “niche” products to medical practitioners in hospital laboratories and research institutes. The main BIOLINK 2000´s aim is to put the latest diagnostics technologies at our customers finger prints.

BIOLINK 2000 can give top scientific and technical support to our customers through our R&D department.

¿Why to choose BIOLINK 2000?

¨ Because our customers are our partners: The customers needs are our needs, for this reason we are continuously striving to offer the latest technologies and products, given the best products and the best services to our customers.


Fredericiavej 414
Børkop, 7080

Phone: +45-76620709
Fax: +45-76620705
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Manufacturer of ELISA test for detection af Salmonella and Listeria for food.
Standard tests and ultra-fast tests are available.


11080 Roselle St.
San Diego, 92121
United States of America, California
Toll free: 877-246-5343

Phone: 858-455-9588
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BioLegend develops and manufactures world-class, cutting-edge immunological reagents for biomedical research, offered at an outstanding value. Our product areas include cell immunophenotyping, cytokines and chemokines, adhesion, cancer research, T regulatory cells, stem cells, innate immunity, cell-cycle analysis, apoptosis, and modification-specific antibodies. All of BioLegend’s reagents are supported by superior customer service and come with a quality guarantee. Our aggressive product development program, through technology licensing, collaborations, and internal hybridoma development, produces strategic reagents for use in a variety of applications including flow cytometry, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, Western blotting, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and in vitro or in vivo functional assays. BioLegend offers the broadest selection of fluorochrome conjugates for multi-color flow cytometry. With an experienced biochemistry team, BioLegend is well positioned to offer a wide range of custom conjugation services to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Avda. Espanya (Sector 2000)
Cerdanyola del Valles, 08290 Barcelona
Toll free: Skype: blauplanet

Phone: 34 616 960 814


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