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Biomat deals with surface tratements for diagnostic and biomedical applications.

Produces 96 well plates for immunoassay and research, both solid and strip format, with a wide range of surfaces: Medium and High binding capacity, No Binding, Aminated-Carboxylated Streptavidin-Protein A-Protein G-Concanavalin A-Jacalin-Wheat Germ-Maleimide, PolyL-Lysine coated- Cell Culture. These and other types of surfaces can be developed and applied also on customers articles. Also special microplates are available: 384 wells, glass bottom, cristallization plates both with standard and coated surfaces.

Makes Plasma-based (glow discharge) surface tratments on customers’ articles for enhancing surface properties such as hydrophilicity (cell adhesion/filter flow/painting/inking/glueing) Hydro phobicity (low wettability/low adhesion) etc. for biomedical and technical applications.