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Dyomics GmbH (http://www.dyomics.com) is a young company located in Jena, one of Germanys biotech-clusters, with its business focus on development, modification (customizing according to specific needs), and production of innovative fluorescent labels for bioanalytical applications. Dyomics, founded in 2000, finds itself on the cutting edge in their industry, due to their success in developing bright fluorescent labels with absorption maxima in the range between 500 and 800 nm. These labels, called DYâ„¢-dyes, have been used in various applications with exceptional success.

These applications include, for example, cDNA labeling and detection on microarrays, receptor-ligand studies, FRET-assays, DNA sequencing and FisH microscopy. Working with the DY-dyes, in comparison to the widely used Cyâ„¢Dyes, results in comparable or even brighter signals and improved photo- and storage stability.

Aside from conventional dyes, Dyomics developed the MegaStokesâ„¢-Dye series for multicolour applications using only one monochromatic excitation source.

Dyomics currently offers the DY-labels as NHS-esters and maleimides, and in summer 2002, Dyomics introduced convenient labeling kits in conjunction with emp-biotech, Berlin (http://www.empbiotech.com). Fluorescently labeled antibodies for secondary detection are available since 2004.

DVS BioLife Limited

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DVS BioLife Limited is a research based company located in Hyderabad, India is engaged in manufacturing of :


Environment Management Microbes

Effluent Maangement Microbes

Bio Agri Inputs

Probiotics :

We manufacture Lactic Acid Bacillus, Bacillus nitrosomonas, B nitrobacter, B subtilis, B lichiniformis, Pseudomonas putida, Aspergilus niger, A oryzae etc. 2000 Million CFU/g for Fungi and 6000 Million CFU/g for Bacteria are our comercial formulations in dextrose / talc medium.

Bio Pesticides :

Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma harzianum, Pseaudomona fluorescens, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisoplae, Vertcillium lecanii, Paecilomyces, Bacilus thuringiensis Kurstaki, B t Israelensis, HaNPv, SlNPv, Spinosad are our products.

BioFertilizers :

Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azospirillum, Rhizobium, Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas), Phosphorus solubilising bacteria, Potash mobilizing bacteria, Zinc mobilizing bacteria, Sulphur mobilizing bacteria, Ferrous mobilizing bacteria, VAM, neem Cake, Whole Neem Fruit Powder, Neem Kernel Cake Granules are our products

Bio Agri Inputs :

Humic Acid (Humic and Fulvic Substanes based on Vermi Compost), Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer based on Sargasam weightii, Protein Hydrolysate (Amino Acid) based on vetgtative origin are our products.

our R & D Centre is Govt of India recognised.
We are ewxporting to various countries.

We solicit :

World wide marketing partners.
We can share Tox data for many bio pesticides
We are interested in marketing companies world wide who are keen to register and buy our products.

Dr Venkatesh Devanur

tel : +91 98854 46278

Dutta Omni trade

F-9,B Block,Gururaghavendra apts, Dargah rd,pallav

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we are a chemical,Agro commodity,sugar,Molasses,Ethanol, Jaggery,Metals,Mineralswe can supply quality Products at competetive price for your needs.

Dutch Diagnostics Human and Animal Care

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Dutch Diagnostics is a young and dynamic company that supplies high-quality diagnostic products for clinical laboratories to over 50 countries worldwide.

Our main goal is to supply these superior quality products for competitive prices.

To achieve this, Dutch Diagnostics works with well known manufacturers from Europe and the USA.

Dutch Diagnostics main products are for routine diagnostics use in:

Urine Analysis
Clinical Chemistry

For these Dutch Diagnostics can supply a broad range of reagents and instruments with different technologies like:

Elisa technology

Dragon Prescription Glasses Co., Ltd.

dragon road

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We are one of the largest professional Prescription Glasses acupuncture needle and tattoo needle manufacturers in China, which specialized in production of “Cloud & Dragon” brand products for single use. Our company was established in 1986, with over ten years’ production histories and experiences. We have over 150 employees, and factory area over 30,000 square meters, and our output of acupuncture needles is over 15,000,000pcs per month, and 600,000pcs per month for pre-made needles. The Sales amount of our company is over 4 million US dollars per year.

web site: http://www.chengbiao.net

Dr. Quillel Surgical

gohadpur, airport road, sialkot, pakistan

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manufacturer & exporter of surgcal, medical, dental, hollowwares, hiltuc, economy line, beauty care, Veterinary, Laryngoscope, scisors, forceps instruments.

Dr. Mohaghegh’s Foundation Industrial Researches on Biotechnology

57135-877, Euromieh IR of IRAN
Euromieh, IRAN

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In The Name of God,

Key Words
-Investment to produce vaccine against asthma allergy and cancers ایمونوتراپی سرطان، ایمونوتراپی آسم Ùˆ آلرژی Ùˆ …سرمایه گذاری برای تولیدواکسن آسم آلرژی Ùˆ سرطان
Biotherapy , Immunotherapy , Cancer , Asthma , HIV+ & AIDS , Adjuvants , Anti-Cancer Vaccines , Auto-Antigens , Specific Antigens, Th-1 Cells activators (CD4+ T cells) , Specific Immunotherapy , Allergic Disorders , Allergy , Cytolytic T Lymphocytes , Breast Cancer , Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) , Glioblastoma , Hepatoma , astrocytoma , Ferittin , rgp63 , BALB/c Mice , Haz-1 Breast Cancer , blastogenesis index (Stimulation Index S.I.) . Skin- Test (PPD Skin Test)/ g-IFN (gamma IFN) , Cell Mediated Immunity (CMI), Investment

Dear Reader,
(This is a new hope for all Cancers, HIV+ Allergic, Asthmatic patients)
I would like to inform some of my activities on preparing of Th-1 cells activators and Auto-specific Antigens. The story when started that I have seeking for treating cancers with non-specific adjuvants. I could prepare two kinds of them. I have done Phase I and II clinical trails. These adjuvants could heal up to 30% of breast cancer and increase up to 300% of survival lives in mice. They are safe in human cancer patients. I distribute these adjuvants to other Doctors. One of them mentioned that, when he used these vaccines in cancerous patients who had also asthma, their asthma healed and disappeared. So, I have used these vaccine with in three moderate asthmatic patients who have asthma between 2 to 8 years. After four months injection of vaccine with a 5-7 days per/w, their asthma were cured. So, when I was seeking for the real action of these adjuvants effects, I found that activities of Th-2 cells make incensement of asthma because of IL-5 function. IL-5 increase the number of Eos. cells in the blood. And there is correlation between of number of Eos. and asthma. On the other hand, when the activities of Th-1 cells increase they produce gamma-IFN. This cytokine could have negative feedback for Th-2 cells activity. As a results, it seems that these adjuvants could help asthma. These vaccines could heal more than 90% of Children asthma. Also they could help to heal of allergies, viral infections, HIV+, MDR-TB, All kinds of Cancers. They could control cancers. This Adjuvant + Specific Auto-Antigen Immunotherapy Method is ready to give service to the all patients in the would free of charges. Just send me a letter with your medical report, I will guide you how to obtain vacciens.
Finally, we invite you to have investment in this important of Technology.

With best regards,
Dr. Saleh Mohaghegh Hazrati, Ph.D.

E mail ; smhazrati@sina.tums.ac.ir

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et. al. G2, PC, G2F in allergic asthma. Iranian J of Pediatrics 2004;13 (2)supl. :30-31.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et. al. Effect of Auto-antigens and Th-1 activator adjuvants on pituitary adenoma of prolactinoma. 6th International congress of endocrine disorders. Oct 5-9, 2001, Iranian J. of Endocrine and Metabolism, O-28, pp 22.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et al. Review of Immunotherapy with Th-1 activator and Auto-vaccines against cancers. Seminar on Diagnostic and new methods of Cancer treatment. June 6-8 2001, Babol University of Medical Sciences, IR of Iran.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et al. Immunotherapy of brain tumors and other cancers with immunopotent adjuvants and auto-antigens (case report). 23 April 2001, 11th International congress of Immunology, Sweden.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S & Mohtarami F. Why Th-1 activator vaccines could effective for Immunotherapy of chemical gas injured patients. The Role of Basic Sciences on defense against new wars. 12-13 March 2001 Tehran, University of Imam Hossein (A), IR of Iran.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et al. The Role of GW-1, GM-1, PPD-A, PPD-B as immunopotent Adjuvants in cell Mediated Immune response against recombinant gp63 in BALB/c Mice. April 10-13, 2000, 9th International Congress on Infectious Diseases Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et al. Immunotherapy of pituitary Adenoma of Prolactinoma with Adjuvants (Cases Report). 17-19 May 2000, 5th Iranian congress of Immunology and Allergy, Tehran IR of Iran.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S, et al. A novel an invasive and metastatic adenocarcinoma of breast cancer (HAZ-1) in small white laboratory mice. (Complementary Report). Sept. 6-9, 1999, The Fifth Biochemistry Congress of Uromia, IR of Iran.

Mohaghegh Hazrati S., et al. Biotherapy in Cancers, Asthma and Infectious and other diseases. Nov 1999, First Azarbidjanian Congress on Biotechnology Uromia, IR of Iran.

Dr. Ku’s Ointment

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Dr. Ku’s Ointment is a unique blend of several completely natural medicinal oils, each of which has a long history of being a safe and effective treatment of certain skin conditions and it is this blend which allows this single skin treatment to be effective against such a wide range of skin conditions.



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Our company has 3 divisions:
a- diagnostics,both human and vetrinary
b- medical devices
c- pharmaceuticals.

Douglas R. Chrisope

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United States of America, Louisiana

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Chemical consultant for organic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, biochemistry, oxidation chemistry, phosphorus chemistry, pharmaceutical research and process development; expert in chemical literature searching, business due diligence, litigation support, expert witness, MSDS preparation and US DOT classification