Folliculogenesis In Vivo

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Reproductive management is the most important aspect of life — individual, family and societal. In agribusiness – meat and milk production.

Rerum Naturare Femini.

Biomedical electronic diagnostics company with a difference. What is the difference? Smart biosensor that speaks English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Czech or any other human language to the user, and optionally provides data to the expert for medical or agribusiness use, including a new way of patient profiling. Female patients. Or female animals.

FIVe is an e-mother company of our two diagnostic technology companies, bioZhena Corporation and bioPecus Corporation.

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Executive Search firm with specialization in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic industries. Search experience with scientific/technical/clinical and pre-clinical development positions, as well as commercial/operations and management positions, director level and above.

25 years experience with offices in Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and London.

ABR–Affinity BioReagents

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ABR–Affinity BioReagents has been a leading global supplier of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and antibody production services for almost 20 years. ABR offers over 30,000 products for 42 different areas of research–and growing! All products are supported by a 100% Quality Guarantee. ABR—Affinity BioReagents also offers custom antibody services.
Research areas include: Ancillary Reagents, Angiogenesis, Apoptosis, Bioactive Peptide, Blood and Coagulation System, Cancer Biology, Cell Adhesion & Junction, Cell Cycle, Cellular Organelle/ Structure Markers, Chaperonin, Chromatin Modification, Co-Activator/Co-Repressor, Controls and Tags, Cytochrome P450, Cytokines, DNA Repair, G Protein-Coupled Receptors, Heat Shock Protein, Immunology, Immunophilins, Infectious Disease, Imflammation and Arthritis, Ion Transport/Regulation, Lipid & Fat Metabolism Regulation, Membrane Receptor, Muscle Biology, Neurobiology, Nitric Oxide Synthase, Nuclear Pore Complex, Phosphoprotein, Protein Trafficking, Proteolytic Processing, Signal Transduction, siRNA, Stem Cell Differentiation, Steroid Receptor, Steroids & Hormones & Growth Factors, Transcription Regulation, Ubiquitin/Proteasome, Viral & Bacterial, and Vision.