BioLux Peptides and Antibodies

Brommerstr. 19
Stuttgart, 70563

Phone: +49/ 711 90 18 18 5
Fax: +49/ 711 90 18 18 7
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BioLux Peptides and Antibodies in Stuttgart, Germany provides its customers with synthesis of high quality peptides from 2-90 AA length. We offer immunization of rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken to produce anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies. If customer has tested polyclonal antibodies derived from rabbits as good for their purposes, we can extend this project towards the development of monoclonal antibodies.

BIOLOG Life Science Institute

Flughafendamm 9a, P.O. Box 107125
Bremen, D-28199

Phone: 49 (0)421 591355
Fax: 49 (0) 421 5979713
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BIOLOG offers rare and high quality nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleobases.
A special focus is on sophisticated cyclic nucleotide-based protein kinase inhibitors and activators for second messenger research and corresponding affinity gels as well as on phosphorothioate- modified nucleoside diphosphates and triphosphates. Custom syntheses are welcome in this field.

Thermo Electron GmbH

Sedanstrasse 18
89077 Ulm

Phone: +49 731 935 79 290
Fax: +49 731 935 79 291
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Thermo Electron Corporation – Custom Synthesis Products

Thermo Electron Corporation’s custom synthesis facillity, based in Ulm, is staffed by a team of dedicated scientists who offer high quality custom synthesis service for speciality oligonucleotides and peptides for academic, life science and pharmaceutical research.

Custom synthesis products can be ordered on-line by way of the biopolymer section of Thermo’s fully automated e-commerce site (, ensuring speedy and accurate processing. Thermo’s custom synthesis products are backed by unrivalled technical know-how and customer support.

The company is committed to providing high quality products and has an established Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. All synthesised oligonucleotides are systematically purified by reverse-phase HPLC as standard and all peptides are MS controlled routinely.

About Thermo:
A world leader in high-tech instruments, Thermo Electron Corporation helps life science, laboratory, and industrial customers advance scientific knowledge, enable drug discovery, improve manufacturing processes, and protect people and the environment with instruments, scientific equipment and integrated software solutions. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Thermo Electron has revenues of more than $2 billion, and employ approximately 11,000 people in 30 countries worldwide.

Thermo Electron GmbH

Sedanstrasse 18
Ulm, 89077

Phone: +49-731-93579290
Fax: +49-731-93579291
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Stock symbol: TMO


Thermo Electron GmbH offers a high quality range of custom synthesized biopolymers:

Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Peptide Synthesis with the broadest variety of possible modifications and services like HeavyPeptides(TM)AQUA for Quantification of Proteins.

Corscience Medical Engineering

Henkestr. 91
Erlangen, D-91052

Phone: +49-9131-977986-46
Fax: +49-9131-977986-59
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CORSCIENCE offers you research, development and production on a high scientific and technical level. We are at your service and can develop the following for you:

Embedded systems
Telemetry systems
Tracking systems and
Data management systems.
Our interdisciplinary team combines medical, physical and electrical engineering know-how under one roof. The main focus of our activities is medical engineering, especially the development of diagnostic and therapy devices for cardiovascular disorders.

CORSCIENCE is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. This enables us to market medical products for you. Together with our external partners, we offer you inexpensive production at a high quality level.

Besides custom-made developments, we also offer a series of OEM products (ECG modules, pulsoxymeter module, bluetooth modules). We would be happy to adapt them to your wishes.

Dyomics GmbH

Otto-Schott-Str. 15
Jena, 07745

Phone: +49-3641-646864
Fax: +49-3641-646868


Dyomics GmbH ( is a young company located in Jena, one of Germanys biotech-clusters, with its business focus on development, modification (customizing according to specific needs), and production of innovative fluorescent labels for bioanalytical applications. Dyomics, founded in 2000, finds itself on the cutting edge in their industry, due to their success in developing bright fluorescent labels with absorption maxima in the range between 500 and 800 nm. These labels, called DYâ„¢-dyes, have been used in various applications with exceptional success.

These applications include, for example, cDNA labeling and detection on microarrays, receptor-ligand studies, FRET-assays, DNA sequencing and FisH microscopy. Working with the DY-dyes, in comparison to the widely used Cyâ„¢Dyes, results in comparable or even brighter signals and improved photo- and storage stability.

Aside from conventional dyes, Dyomics developed the MegaStokesâ„¢-Dye series for multicolour applications using only one monochromatic excitation source.

Dyomics currently offers the DY-labels as NHS-esters and maleimides, and in summer 2002, Dyomics introduced convenient labeling kits in conjunction with emp-biotech, Berlin ( Fluorescently labeled antibodies for secondary detection are available since 2004.

Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies

Ahornstrasse 21
D-55129 Mainz

Phone: +49-6131-911428
Fax: +49-6131-593779


Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies is the German consultation firm for Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Biotech industries. The major mission is alliance arrangement and distributor search in Europe, Asia, Near East, Africa and the Americas.

SDT (Stereospecific Detection Technologies) GbR

Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2
Baesweiler 52499

Phone: 02401 60 68 70
Fax: 02401 60 85 34
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A sole manufacturer and bulk OEM supplier of the enhanced PolyHRP conjugates for ultrasensitive detection in ELISA, blotting, 3D-ImmunoFiltration and IHC applications (e.g. universal Streptavidin-PolyHRP20, 40, and 80; secondary
Protein A-, Protein A/G-, Goat anti-Mouse and Goat anti-Rabbit IgG -PolyHRP40, etc). NSB-eliminating diluents, blockers, dedicated PolyHRP conjugate stabilizers and TMB substrates comprise auxiliary, supporting PolyHRP product line and at the same time are high quality miscellaneous IVD product widely applicable apart of PolyHRP conjugates. The company also runs custom PolyHRP conjugations, contractual assay development and offers diverse IVD consulting services.

Novel PolyHRP stabilizers of RHT (Real time High Temperature) series have been launched in 2005. These
products featrure 100% synthetic formula containing no animal, plant or microbial proteins nor other organic substances of the natural origin. PolyHRP conjugates diluted in RHT Stabilizers down to the lower 100-40 ng/ml working strength concentrations will mantain their detecting activity longer than 6-8 weeks at 37°C.

Other newer products are the enhanced soluble and precipitating TMB substrates giving on the average 30% larger singals by the same clean backgrounds compared with older substrates sTMB and pTMB.

BioClin Services – CRO for Eastern Europe

Engelhardstr. 32
D-81369 Munich

Phone: +49-(0)89-747 91052
Fax: +49-(0)89-74791053


BioClin Services is a small team of clinical research consultants and associates operating since 1989 exclusively in Central & Eastern Europe in a selected number of countries (Belarus, Czech Rpublic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Western- and Central Russia, Slovakia).
The team consists of established professionals offering over 20 years’experience in the pharmaceutical- and CRO business and an unique local field monitoring team providing the expertise of the regions’ rapidly changing medical environments. The service range comprises all aspects of the clinical study conduct, monitoring, close personnel site management, regulatory services, local logistics support (drug imports, drug storage, biological samples export, etc) for your phase II-IV studies. We can offer cost-effective study management through the involvement of high recruiting centers with emphasis on expert regional hospitals.


Mallestrasse 25
Tuebingen, 72072

Phone: +49 7071 73765
Fax: +49 7071 73772

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