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We always embrace “Science for the benefit of humanity” as Rockefeller’s Mission Headline is equal to the Project Mission as Den’quelle Origin: Happiness and Goodness to human being. The performative meaning of Health 120 years with bright sign as Porject Mission through fulfillment of bioresearch & development is of benefit to human being enjoying lifetime Health-Leisure-Travel Lifestyle in good health, located in the China’s Taihu Lake Byland Bay with supereminent lakefront landscape as exactly the same wonderland together with hundredfold “Longevity Element” – negative oxygen ions in the air higher than current cities.

Candida Corporation

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Consulting services in biotechnology and chemical technology, for senior managment in pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and food companies; venture capital; and legal firms.

Barcode Megastore

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Barcode Megastore has assisted Biotech research for over a decade by providing quick, low-cost access to high-quality sample tracking and labeling technology, including barcode labels, barcode scanners, specimen labels and barcode label printers from top manufacturers. See for a full line of products and for information on how Barcode Megastore can help your research succeed.