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Manufacturing Biochemicals for Research.
FERMENTEK develops and manufactures of natural products from microorganisms and plants.

We produce mainly for the research market. GMP/API products are available with no additional charge.

New products: PKC412 (Midostaurin), Castanospermin, Withaferin A, HT-2 toxin, Oligomycin A (pure), Oligomycin B (pure), Myriocin, Moniliformin, Thiolutin,Ionomycin Free acid, Bafilomycin A1,Gliotoxin, Apicidin

Product list:
A23187, DActinomycin, 7AAD, Aflatoxin, Alameticin, Anisomycin, Aphidicolin, Brefeldin A, Cerulenin, Chelerythrine ,
Chromomycin A3,Citrinin, Cyclopiazonic acid,Cytochalasin
Forskolin,Fumagillin, Fumonisin B1,Fumonisin B2, Geldanamycin,17AAG, 17DMAG, Genistein, Hypericin ,Ionomycin
K252a,K252b,KT5720,KT5823, Leptomycin B, Mithramycin A,Mitomycin C,Nigericin ,Nonactin
Ochratoxin A,Oligomycin,Paclitaxel, Parthenolide,Patulin, Penicillic acid, Radicicol,
Rapamycin , Staurosporine, Sterigmatocystin, T2 Toxin , Thapsigargin,Triacsin C, Trichostatin A,
Tunicamycin, Valinomycin, Verruculogen, Wortmannin, Zearalenone


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Distributor of major international biotechnology companies specializing in hematology, pathology, immunology, tissue-typing, biochemicals and antibodies.

Adar Biotech

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Adar Biotech, incorporated in March 2006 is a diversified company, conducting R&D in the field of medical technology, manufacturing products and providing scientific services.

Products: Adar Biotech manufactures functional resins, recombinant proteins and antibodies. The functional resins are used for the purification of recombinant, tagged proteins and for purifying antibodies. This group of products enjoys wide popularity due to the excellent performance combined with cost effectiveness.
Adar Biotech has developed and applies in these products its proprietary TargetLock chemistry. TargetLock chemistry improves both the chemical stability and durability of these products upon repeated uses.

Services: Adar Biotech specializes in generation of monoclonal antibodies to weak and difficult antigens. Adar Biotech employs its novel products and protocols throughout the entire process. HAT traditional selection medium is replaced with new selection. The numbers and properties of the resulting hybridoma clones are superior to those obtained using traditional protocols. Please visit our web site, to find more info regarding Adar Biotech’s novel antibodies development protocols and the “pay for Success” program we provide to our customers.

Ad-Or Medical Technologies Ltd.

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Tel Aviv 61653

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We are looking for distributors to our revolutionary products:SpineScan and Ortelius800. SpineScan is innovative device that allow for instant and accurate assessment and follow-up ‎of spinal deformities, postural disorders and range of motion. Both devices are radiation free; SpineScan and Ortelius800 do not utilize x-rays or any other radiation.

We are also supplying: AXIS-Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers, EO Cartridges, Gas Sterilization systems and EO detectors. For more information please visit our web www.axis.com.tr


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Ra’anana, 43602

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IBEX is a company specializing in the initiation of international projects, such as EU-funded R&D, infrastructure and training programs.

IBEX Services
* Locating consortium partners and coordinators
* Establishing and coordinating consortia
* Locating project management companies
* Preparing, integrating and evaluating grant proposals

IBEX Clients
The IBEX client base includes international commercial companies, universities, hospitals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government departments operating in the fields of science and technology.

IBEX Markets
European Union (EU), Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

The team is experienced in cross-global collaboration and is competent in preparing, integrating and pre-evaluating proposals for grant applications.

IBEX Strength
* Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
* Understanding the needs of the European research community
* Fostering synergies and teamwork among international researchers