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Biomat deals with surface tratements for diagnostic and biomedical applications.

Produces 96 well plates for immunoassay and research, both solid and strip format, with a wide range of surfaces: Medium and High binding capacity, No Binding, Aminated-Carboxylated Streptavidin-Protein A-Protein G-Concanavalin A-Jacalin-Wheat Germ-Maleimide, PolyL-Lysine coated- Cell Culture. These and other types of surfaces can be developed and applied also on customers articles. Also special microplates are available: 384 wells, glass bottom, cristallization plates both with standard and coated surfaces.

Makes Plasma-based (glow discharge) surface tratments on customers’ articles for enhancing surface properties such as hydrophilicity (cell adhesion/filter flow/painting/inking/glueing) Hydro phobicity (low wettability/low adhesion) etc. for biomedical and technical applications.

Arkè Organics srl

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Arkè Organics is a contract research company focused on synthetic chemistry services to the pharma industry. Arkè Organics offers
early chemistry services (synthetic support to medicinal chemistry)
syntheses for toxicological studies
Pre phase I process development targeted to IND filing

Arkè Organics can provide its customers with a fully qualified set of products and services in the field of organic syntheses, from R&D to process development and custom synthesis on the g/Kg/pilot scale.

Some of our technologies: Asimmetric syntesis and chiral pool technologies, Glycosidations, Reactions from -110 to +180 °C, Halogenations, sulphochlorinations, Friedel Crafts, Oxidations,

Reactions with metal hydrides, organolithium and Grignard reagents, Reactions with alkali metals,

Reactions with phosphorus halides, Atmospheric pressure hydrogenations

Analytical capabilities:UV/VIS, IR, GC, HPLC, NMR, Elemental analysis, Karl Fischer, Polarimetry.

Development and validation of analytical methods through a specialized partner company.

Our constantly growing catalog of products covers the following areas:

Enzyme Substrates

ingredients for nutraceuticals

glycosidating agents and sugar derivatives
protected or modified amino acids
building blocks for medicinal chemistry

AMNOL Chimica Biologica Srl

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innovative nutraceutical products & sublingual formulations patented; dermocosmetics and cosmeceuticals products

EVERmed Srl

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EVERmed is a leading italian manufacturer of refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, portable refrigerators freezers, ultra-low freezers, cold stores for medical/scientific applications.
With a wide range of different models is able to satisfy every customer need.

Diesse Diagnostica Senese Spa

Via delle Rose, 10 Loc. La Tognazza
Monteriggioni (SI), 53035

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DIESSE Diagnostica Senese S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of innovative clinical systems. DIESSE was founded in 1982, thanks to a partnership between financial investors and top level researchers with long-standing experience in developing clinical diagnostic products and systems. Throughout its twenty-three year history, DIESSE has focused its efforts on developing a solid position in the market of hematology and infectious disease test systems. In the early years, the company capitalized on its reputation for manufacturing quality and excellent products for serology testing which allowed the company to expand its activities to other strategic markets.The initial development was greatly assisted by the invention and subsequent patenting of a revolutionary method for the determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Based on this technology, DIESSE developed the VESMATICâ„¢ SYSTEM, which reduces the turn-around time of ESR testing by more than fifty percent eliminates the risk of direct exposure to blood samples. Additionally, VESMATIC Systems offer added safety and convenience through the use of non-glass tubes and small sample volume requirements.Considering product diversification vital for future growth, DIESSE decided to further expand and strengthen its position in other market segments, such as enzyme immunoassay, serology and microbiology. As a result of this strategy, DIESSE introduced SERAMAT, a fully automated system for serological testing which is able to use different analytical methods. SERAMAT was the first automatic instrument to perform complement fixation testing.In addition, DIESSE developed ROBOBACT, a unique system that allows for the automatic isolation of enteric and urinary pathogens, without opening sample containers.Furthermore, in 2005 DIESSE introduced two highly innovative systems: CHORUS and VES-CUBE. CHORUS is a multi-parametric processor for infectious diseases and autoimmunity using an innovative method of single- test and ready-to-use devices. VES-CUBE is a fully automated system for ESR testing in standard EDTA tubes; which are normally found with the most common cell counters, already loaded in racks.In early 2005, DIESSE opened DIESSE INC, its US subsidiary located in Florida, which is in charge of developing the business in the Americas. Diesse is moving its office from Hong Kong to China, opening a Representative Office in Shenzhen, China in March 2006. It is another step for the expansion of the Diesse’s business into the territory of China to support the marketing networks that has been established in these past years.

Diesse has also a Regional Scientific Office in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to support the business activities in the Gulf countries.

TEMA S.r.l. TEcnologie Elettroniche Mediche Avanzate

Via Degli Abeti 88/1
Pesaro 61100 ITALY

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Manufacturer of electromedical equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
We have been working in the Italian market for more than 20 years representing one of the most important realities in this field as we can provide a complete range of apparatuses for physical therapy.

Our trade mark is MEDICAL ITALIA. Moreover, as we specialize in customized products, we produce for many important companies of electromedical equipment.
Our products are manufactured in compliance with the 93/42/EEC Directive on Medical Devices and bear the CE0476 marking as requested by the most restrictive European regulations.

We areseeking distributors for free areas. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Via Lavino 256D
Monte San Pietro (BO), 40050

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Aczon provides antibodies for flow cytometry, microscopy and other immunological techniques, toxins, free or conjugated, complement and plasma proteins. We have an high specialization in conjugation.


Via Tiburtina Km 18,300

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BIOGAMMA S.r.l. is a privately held company, established in Rome since 2001. The manufacturing facilities are located in Rome, Italy.
The company working field is production of diagnostic kits for clinical chemistry, occupational medicine, Food & Beverage and development of innovative techniques.
All products of Clinical Chemistry (substrates, enzymes, electrolytes) are Stable Liquid Reagent.
The Quality System is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000; the production procedures comply with the European Directive 98/79/CE on the vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVD).

Sacace Biotechnologies Srl

18 San Carlo, str.
81100 Caserta

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SACACE is an innovative company founded in 2001 in order to operate in the field of biotechnology. SACACE develops, manufactures and sells through distributors more than 120 complete kits for human, veterinary and food diagnostics. The kits include all the reagents for nucleic acid extraction, amplification (PCR or RT-PCR) of a specific region and detection of amplified products. SACACE line also features a wide range of Real Time PCR products designed for research and clinical applications and optimized for a variety of machines.
We employ an extensive group of dynamic and talented research and development scientists who are empowered to create unique and exciting products. Our mission is to provide quality products and services to advance science within the research and diagnostic communities.

Baobab Fruit Company Senegal Sarl

Via Mondadori, cm

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Innovative raw material for the
Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Cosmetics sectors

Thanks to its own European branch office (located in Italy) and its International Partners, BFCS is the first company to produce Baobab-Derived products and supply factories worldwide at the most competitive prices and quality:

• Baobab fruit pulp (EU approved) in two different kind: Native & Micronised

• Dried and micronised Baobab leaves

• Micronised endocarp of Baobab Seed, rich in Aminoacids and Fatty Acids (omega 3 & 6)

• lipoid extract (ultrasound) from the Baobab seed: a new formulation with greater antioxidant properties.

• The most effective glycolic extract (ultrasound) from the Baobab leaf and fruit pulp.

• An exclusive line of Gift products HandCrafted from Baobab Fruit for your Cosmetics & Health customers