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South Korea

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As a World Class chemical and plastic supplier, we are desirous to serve customers for pharmaceuticals, biochemicals and agrochemicals intermediates. We have thousands of products made in South Korea, China and Japan including the products classification of Peptide, Chiral, Nucleosides, Amini Acids, Fluoro, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, Benzoic acid, Bromo, Chloro, Indole, Acetophenone, Benzaldehyde, Cinnamic, Imidazole, Pyrimidine, Pyridine, Bismuth, Piperazine. and special approch of customising products.

benebiosis Co., Ltd.

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South Korea

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Our main business is the development of Diagnostic kit for in vitro fertilization, anti-angiogenetic drug development and research reagents, and we are also distributing the products of our partner companies abroad.

We are also doing technology licensing out business and are affiliated with major research and commercial institutions in Korea.

We have 2 Ph.D.’s, 4 Masters and 1 MBA for our business.

We are always open to request of cooperation in Korean market.

Feel free to contact us for business.

Our products and techniques

Diagnostic kit for in vitro fertilization :
Diagnostic kit for human Egg quality. Our kit can detect the egg which can result in high pregnancy rate by checking follicular fluids or medium. With this techniques, pregnancy rate can be increased above 60%. (U.S. patent registered and patent pended in other countries)

anti-angiogenic drug development :
We found innate VEGF receptor inhibitor. With this, we are now developing drug for many kinds of agiogenesis related diseases.

SeePico :
Most advanced staining techniques based on CBB and fluorescent dyes. CBB based SeePico-CBB can visualize 0.5 ng band on SDS-PAGE gels in 2 hours.
We started sales of SeePico-CBB from Sep.2004.and we are enjoying good refutation from many customers abroad(including Japan, Taiwan and China)
We are now searching for the distributors in U.S.A., Europe, Singapore, and other regions.

Exclusive distributor of the following companies

Active Motif(including TimeLogic U.S.A.)
OZ Bioscience(France)