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Molecular Biology Research Products

Evitra AB

Bergsunds Strand 23 c/o Tobias Cornvik
Stockholm, 11738

Phone: +46-70-7442484


Evitra is a Swedish biotech company that offers a solution to the problem of obtaining soluble protein expression also for mammalian proteins in Escherichia coli. Evitra launches the SPOTLIGHT system that constitutes a major technological breakthrough and enables soluble protein production within weeks at dramatically improved success rates. Evitra offers SPOTLIGHT either as a service or as a technology transfer license agreement to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Devyser AB

Instrumentvägen 19
Hägersten, SE-12653

Phone: +46-8-562 15 850
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Devyser AB is specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic kits and reagents based on DNA analytical procedures. Devyser AB operates under strict quality control protocols and has an ISO13485:2003 certification. Products are CE-labelled according to IVDD 98/79/EC for use in in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) procedures. Main areas of application for our products are the prenatal diagnostics and clinical genetics fields. For fast, precise and cost-effective prenatal diagnosis, QF-PCR is increasingly the technology of choice. Devyser® brings you more than the usual QF-PCR benefits in a single, ready-to-use kit. The CE-marked Devyser® Complete kit relies on multiplex QF-PCR amplification of Short tandem repeats (STRs) for diagnosis of the most common autosomal and sex chromosome aneuploidies. In addition to detecting Down, Edward, Patau and Klinefelter syndromes, Devyser® Complete is the only commercial QF-PCR kit that can also detect Turner syndrome. Visit us at

Cavidi AB

Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 83 Uppsala

Phone: +46-18-55 20 40
Fax: +46-18-55 20 41
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Cavidi develops, produces, and markets user-friendly tests based on a patented technology for measuring enzymatic activities. A number of leading virologists from Uppsala University founded the company in 1984, under the name Cavidi Tech. The business mission is to develop products to help alleviate the HIV pandemic throughout the world. The Swedish-based company is a wholly owned subsidiary to Narhex Life Sciences Ltd.

The company’s extensive investments in research and development have resulted in several products including the product range ExaVir®, which measures the activity of the Reverse Transcriptase enzyme from HIV. This product range is adapted to meet the needs in resource-limited settings. Customers include hospitals, private laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions worldwide.