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Tomopal is a leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Glass Syringes, Microsyringes, Scales & Balances, Gas Filters, Gas Purifiers, and Instruments for the laboratory and industrial specialty markets worldwide.


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Thuramed (T1000) The 1000 is a stainless steel, continuous flow single- product machine ideal for quick and reliable peptide production. It is GMP compliant and comes with a %L reactor standard. Additional equipment will also be available including 10L, 25L and 50L reactors.

Thuramed TETRAS The Thuramed TETRAS is the only ‘Asynchronous’ multiple peptide instrument available today. The TETRAS can produce up to 106 isolated peptide reactions with variable scales, lengths, and amino acid combinations. The TETRAS also produces extremely low waste for reduced economic and environmetal impact. Flexibility and uncontested reliability make the TETRAS the clear choice for multiple peptide synthesis.

Thuramed (T100) The 100 is a bench-top, single product instrument designed for cost-effective peptide production or research. This fully-automated unit features 16-32 amino acid positions. Reactor sizes are available from 25-mL to 500-mL.

CytoThesis BioEngineering Research Group

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HealthCare & Lifestyle Celestial Empire –

We always embrace “Science for the benefit of humanity” as Rockefeller’s Mission Headline is equal to the Project Mission as Den’quelle Origin: Happiness and Goodness to human being. The performative meaning of Health 120 years with bright sign as Porject Mission through fulfillment of bioresearch & development is of benefit to human being enjoying lifetime Health-Leisure-Travel Lifestyle in good health, located in the China’s Taihu Lake Byland Bay with supereminent lakefront landscape as exactly the same wonderland together with hundredfold “Longevity Element” – negative oxygen ions in the air higher than current cities.

Cygnus Technologies Inc.

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The company specializes in custom antibody production, and analytical methods and assay development for host cell protein detection in recombinant pharmaceuticals. Unique products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry include host cell protein ELISA assays, CHO, E. coli, SP2/0, NS/0 and bioprocess contaminant ELISA assays such as Insulin, BSA and Protein A.

CyGene Laboratories, Inc.

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Since 1995 CyGene has been developing next generation molecular diagnostic tools. The company has proprietary diagnostic and genetherapy under development and offers genetic profiling services to the public.


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Biotechnology industry intelligence and publishing:

Building Biotechnology: Starting, Managing, and Understanding Biotechnology Companies
DrugPatentWatch – Drug Patent Expirations

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Proteomics

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Thermo Scientific represents a broad range of high-end analytical instruments, chemistry and consumable supplies, laboratory equipment, software and services that enable integrated laboratory workflow solutions. Thermo Scientific is the new name for a trusted brand – Thermo Electron – that the world’s most renowned researchers, clinicians and scientists already count on to solve their analytical challenges. The brand is strengthened by the addition of equipment, consumables and reagents acquired from Fisher Scientific. Thermo Scientific is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

CreoSalus- Advanced ChemTech

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CreoSalus represents three brands- Advanced ChemTech, manufacturer of custom peptides, building blocks, resins and reagents for solid phase organic and peptide synthesis; Thuramed, manufacturer of peptide synthesizers; and Thorn Bioscience, cGMP manufacturer and sterile fill services for the early stage drug development.

CPC Scientific Inc.

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Founded in 2001, CPC Scientific provides peptides to scientists around the world. Initially, CPC started with its patented high-through-put PeptidEx® technology to supply customers with large numbers of individually purified peptides with significant cost savings from existing peptide prices. This led to the establishment of many other proprietary technologies that currently allows CPC to produce both cGMP and non cGMP large scale (gram to multiple Kg) peptides. Focusing on technology, innovation and quality control, CPC was granted an ISO 9001:2000 certification and a full compliance license in cGMP production. Providing the highest quality peptides to the world’s scientific community, at very competitive prices, is uncommon even though there are more than 100 peptide companies world wide. Despite so many companies, CPC is among only a handful of companies in the world that can claim both ISO Certification and cGMP licensing. These painstaking standards, to which CPC faithfully adheres, allow a scientist to have the utmost confidence in the validity of their project.

We provide following peptide synthesis and modifications: cGMP peptide synthesis; custom peptide synthesis, Dye modifications, phophorylation, Pegylation, biotinylation, Glycosylation etc.

We measure our success largely on the success of the researcher using our peptides, so we aim to be the highest quality peptide producer available. Each research grade peptide is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis, suggested solubility test, MS profile, and HPLC chromatogram to quantify and qualify the peptide.

Coulbourn Instruments

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For over thirty-five years, Coulbourn Instruments has been manufacturing the highest quality instrumentation and software for behavioral, and physiololgical research. The Coulbourn line includes bio-amplifiers, filters, integrators, etc., for use in ECG, EEG, EMG, ENG, EOG, HR, BP, skin conductance, respiration, etc., as well as test cages and interface/control systems for Fear Conditioing, Startle Response, Avoidance, Learning & Memory, Activity, etc.