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Assay Advantage Ltd

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Assay Advantage Ltd is a consultancy service for assay development, validation and screening to the drug discovery industry. We offer experienced laboratory based support, advice on assay techniques, screening, data analysis and SOP writing. Discover your hits faster and develop your leads to time and quality. Contact us for expert advice on:
Assay Techniques
Radioactive (SPA, Flashplate, Filter); Fluorescence (FI, LANCETM, DELFIA®, FP); ALPHASCREENTM, ELISA techniques; plate selection and layout
Assay Development and Validation
Experimental methods to develop and optimise your assay
Assay validation and quality control
Screening and Automation
Assay miniturisation
Automation programming (robotic dispensers, washers, readers)
Organisation, dilution, storage and handling of compounds and compound libraries
Optimisation of screening procedure (best use of time and reagents)
Data and Documentation
Data analysis and template writing (ActivityBase and Excel)
Advice on curve fitting and IC50/Ki/EC50 generation and reporting
Writing of detailed assay protocols and SOPs
Literature searches with detailed report of available assay methods for a particular target
Advice on Assay Targets
Drug discovery programmes need validated assays to succeed
We have over 12 years experience of developing assays for drug discovery and can advise on many assay targets including kinases, proteases, GPCRs, viral targets including proteases, poylmerases, helicases and cell based assays